Award Winning Services

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, CelesticaLife is an advanced wellness clinic specializing in preventive and regenerative medicine. Delivering personalized treatments to manage diseases and delay the onset of ageing, we aim to empower you to regain control of your health and your ageing process.

The team is deeply honored to be recognized as the ‘Best Anti-Ageing Service Provider in Asia Pacific” by the Global Health Awards in 2019. This serves as an affirmation of the patented technology and cellular treatments that the team has tirelessly worked on to give our clients nothing but the best treatments.


Enhancing Lifelong Health and Vitality

Fuelled by the belief that health is the most important asset that one can have, the founding members of CelesticaLife decided to embark on a journey to make a difference in the way healthcare was being delivered, by changing how ageing was managed at CelesticaLife wellness center.

To enhance the quality of our clients’ lives, CelesticaLife delivers:

Our Mission

At CelesticaLife, we are adopting a radically different approach towards helping our clients achieve their goals of healthy living and ageing. Our mission is to optimise and evolve the way healthcare is being delivered to our clients by using advanced integrative technologies that detect the root cause of degeneration. Leveraging on the expertise of our medical advisory team, CelesticaLife aims to restore and optimise your body’s health through cellular therapeutics.

Our Vision

We believe that enhancing the quality of life should begin at a cellular level. To do so, we employ preventative and regenerative protocols to deliver innovative cellular treatments. Medically trusted partners who share our vision and principles are meticulously handpicked to guarantee all clients safe and professional service.


We take immense pride in being our clients’ trusted medical partner, one whom they can rely on to take care of their most valuable asset – their health.


We are constantly seeking safe, well-researched and evidence-based advancements in regenerative treatments for our clients.

Client Focused

With a clear and an unwavering focus, we listen intently to our clients’ wants and needs to develop healthcare solutions that can truly enhance their quality of life.

Out-of-the-Box Thinking

We believe that there are radically different ways to deliver quality healthcare and are not afraid to challenge the mass market approach of conventional medicine.