4-6 Times More Growth Factors

The unique CelesticaLysate therapy is different from ordinary PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy. In the process we have an extra step, which can multiple 4-6 times growth factors to make your therapy result more effective. Technology of this process is currently limited to several medical centers, and CelesticaLife is one of them.

Benefits of CelesticaLysate

CelesticaLysate 001

Increase hair density

CelesticaLysate 002

Reduce deep wrinkles & dark circles

CelesticaLysate 003

Reduce scars & stretch marks

CelesticaLysate 004

Rejuvenate the skin & whitening

CelesticaLysate 005

Skin pigmentation

Before and After Treatment


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