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Cell Therapy

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CelesticaLysate – Face Rejuvenation
July 2, 2018
Healthy Ageing through Cell Therapy
December 27, 2018
cell therapy

Patient: L.S.W
Treatment: Cell Therapy
Condition: Anti-aging / Improve Memory and Cognitive Function
Age: 48
Date of Procedure: 16 September 2018

Written Testimonial from Patient
The treatment with CelesticaLife involved both the full Stem Cell treatment program, along with PRP therapy for my face and scalp. Immediately after the treatment, which included three rounds of detox drips, I felt much more energy than I had in a long time.

Friends who saw me 1-2 months later asked me if I’d done anything as my skin looked “much smoother, clearer and finer!” On my end, I hadn’t changed any of my skincare products or lazy routine. 2 months later, I found baby hairs growing out of areas that had been “dead spots” for over 20 years. I was very surprised.

Throughout the procedures, I enjoyed both the medical knowledge, professionalism and warmth of the team, comprising Dr Sunita and the qualified nurses. I particularly liked the way Dr Sunita explained my health profile holistically, even accurately guessing some of the extreme nutritional deficits I had in certain stages of my life that had contributed to certain ageing conditions that I have, and which I was hoping the stem cell therapy would undo.

For patients who are open to exploring alternative therapies, combined with the professionalism of Dr Sunita and her team, I would recommend that they consider CelesticaLife.

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