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Cell Therapy
September 16, 2018
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Begin a Healthier Lifestyle With Cell Therapy
January 15, 2019

Living Longer does not mean Ageing Better!

It is of no surprise that we are living longer than we ever have – over the last 200 years, people in all countries in the world have seen dramatic increase in life expectancy. In the UK, life expectancy has doubled, India has almost tripled theirs and in South Korea, it has almost quadrupled!1

But does that mean that we are ageing well? According to World Health Organisation’s World Report on Ageing and Health, we still have a long way to go. Older individuals these days are not necessarily living healthier, more active lives.2 While we are living longer, we are also living more years with disability and a lower quality of life.

In fact, a recent study shows that we will live longer but suffer more ill-health by 2035, with 179.4% increase in the number of pension age being diagnosed with cancer, a 118% rise in those who have diabetes and a huge jump in cases of arthritis too.4

How does Cell Therapy help?

Knowing what we now know, it is extremely important to keep our health and body in shape if we want to delay the onset of age-related diseases and have a much better quality of life. Today, the power to do that is well in our hands.

The potential to do this lies in preventive and regenerative medicine, particularly the specialized field of cell therapy. Ageing happens when the cell populations in our body slowly become less and less effective. With technological and medical advancements, it is found that young cells and young plasma have the powers to rejuvenate aged cells.5

With its unique regenerative and reparative abilities, cell therapy has the potential to rejuvenate cell populations including muscle satellite cells, bone marrow stromal cells and hematopoietic (blood) cells. This strengthens the internal system with young cells and slows down the ageing process.5

Cutting Edge Technology Backed By Tireless Research and Development

CelesticaLife has partnered with a California-based biotech company to bring the unique patented technology which isolates and activates the cells for our clients. This unprecedented technology is able to harness the regenerative powers of a specific type of cells otherwise known as the ‘mother of all cells.’ These cells also have the ability to reverse the age of the cells in your body and then replicating these younger cells in large numbers, essentially making your biological body stronger and younger.

Ask us about cell therapy!

Precision Healthcare with a Dedicated Medical Team

It is important to understand that health solutions should never take a one-size-fits-all approach as every individual is unique in their metabolic, regenerative and health condition. What might work for you might have no benefits for another person, and what works for her might cause adverse effects for a different person.

CelesticaLife understands the importance of this. That is why our treatments and healthcare plans are uniquely crafted and personalised to meet the health needs of every individual.

Unlike traditional medicine practice, we adopt a holistic approach where we seek to understand as much as we can about you and your health condition before tailoring your healthcare plan with Cell Therapy. Your regenerative journey begins when you enter CelesticaLife and we take it upon ourselves to empower you to improve the quality of your life with lifelong health and vitality.

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