Our Success Stories

What our customers have to say

  • “I could only walk about 25 feet, but that was good enough for me. It felt like my left leg, which is the weak one, had "grown". It hit the floor much better than it used to. I started walking around the house like a child in a toy store. By the way, my left hand which was damaged is now relaxed and open. The neurologist did tell me I could not expect improvement past 6 months post stroke, but it has been almost 9 years and I'm still improving, so I have hope. ”

    GD 49 Years Old, San Francisco, USA

    Stroke Patient

  • “Jacob was born 3 months premature and at 17 days, he contracted Meningitis. He has a shunt, mild CP and seizures. He has had 56 operations in his 6 years on earth. When we met Dr Bill and heard about the improvement we realized it couldn't hurt to try. We were so stunned and amazed by the changes we saw after one improvement that we are fundraising to do another one. We are so grateful to Dr Bill and his team for what they do! Jacob is our Angel, and we 100% trust this improvement.”


    Cerebral Palsy

  • “When my mother was in the nursing home and unable to eat on her own, we organised a cell therapy for her. Shortly afterwards, my mother became more alert and talkative and was able to eat on her own. She was more mobile and interacted better. I chose to be proactive and my mother benefited from the decision and improvement I gave her. I am in support of Adult Cell Therapy and recommend it often. The cost is always important but so is the benefit that one can get from this unique improvement and therefore I have had the improvement myself.”

    Dr A G, Australia

    Mother With Parkinson’s Disease

  • “A month after the first round of treatments and my pain were drastically reduced. I felt energetic and it improved my sleeping pattern as well. Three months later, I was able to walk longer distances despite my age with even lesser pain medication. A year later, I was so happy with the effects I was getting that I went back and repeated the therapy.”

    C.P 75 Years Old, Australia

    Bilateral Osteoarthritis

  • “I am glad I decided to do it because I can walk with less pain and more times without the cane! My newfound energy makes me feel stronger and no longer tired. I have over the depressing feeling and have kept busy going out with my friends. It’s like ageing back 10 years!”

    T.C. 80 Years Old, Philippines

    Osteoarthritis and Heart Disease

  • “It was remarkable! At 78 years old, some of my wrinkles even started to disappear and my skin became smoother. On top of that, I was feeling amazing. Even my beard started growing back slowly, which is rare for a man of my age. I would recommend this cell improvement to anyone who would like to feel better, look better, have more energy and enjoy a healthier life.”

    N.L.P 80 Years Old, Hong Kong