Anti-Aging Cell Therapy & Disease Management

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Success Stories

With precise diagnostics and personalised treatment packages, cell therapy at CelesticaLife has enhanced and optimised our client’s health in a holistic manner. Here is what they have to share about their improved quality of life.

Our Treatment Result
  • “Throughout the procedures, I enjoyed both the medical knowledge, professionalism and warmth of the team, comprising Dr Sunita and the qualified nurses. I particularly liked the way Dr Sunita explained my health profile holistically, even accurately guessing some of the extreme nutritional deficits I had in certain stages of my life that had contributed to certain ageing conditions that I have, and which I was hoping anti-ageing therapy would undo. For clients who are open to exploring alternative therapies, combined with the professionalism of Dr Sunita and her team, I would recommend that they consider CelesticaLife ”

    Ms.Y | 40 | Singapore


  • “I feel stroke pain whenever I press my chest last time, due to I am a late-night person. I get a chance to try out Immune booster in CelesticaLife which the result is surprising me as I don't feel pain anymore after the therapy.”

    Steve Ng | 29 | Malaysia

    Immune Booster Therapy